Practical Ways to Be a Better Christian

When we think about spiritual growth, our mind usually imagines reading the Bible, praying, or attending church services more often. We get so caught up in the basics that we sometimes forget that there are other ways to strengthen our spiritual well-being. While reading the Bible, I have been marking scriptures that offer direct advice on how we as Christians should live our lives. Though the list is not yet completed and will continue to expand as I discover new scriptures, for now, here are 30 practical ways to incorporate the Word of God into your everyday life.

  1. Make room for other people’s faults. Don’t expect others to be perfect if you’re not perfect yourself. (Colossians 3:13)
  2. Obey your parents. Do your chores and follow their guidance! They know what’s best for you. (Colossians 3:20)
  3. Do everything with a willing heart. It’s no use being obedient if you complain about it the entire time. (Colossians 3:23)
  4. Don’t go to sleep angry. Resolve your conflicts before you head to bed. You’ll sleep better that way too. (Ephesians 4:26)
  5. Pray about everything. Friends, school, lovers,  good health, everything. (Philippians 4:6)
  6. Don’t be happy when people you don’t like fail or make mistakes in life. (Proverbs 24:17)
  7. Be grateful for what you have instead of wanting what others have. (Ecclesiastes 6:12)
  8. Don’t expose other people’s secrets. You wouldn’t want that for yourself either, would you? (Proverbs 25:9)
  9. Be patient with difficult people. (2 Timothy 2:24)
  10. Tell people about God’s good works in your life. (Psalms 105:2)
  11. Be quick to listen, but slow to speak or become angry. (James 1:19)
  12. Don’t repay evil for evil. Instead, kill people with kindness. (1 Peter 3:9)
  13. Always be ready to share your testimony. You never know when it can change someone’s life. (1 Peter 3:15)
  14. Cast all your cares on the Lord. (Psalms 55:22)
  15. Don’t vent your anger. Psychologists says venting amplifies anger anyways. (Proverbs 29:11)
  16. Be willing to accept criticism and discipline. (Proverbs 3:11)
  17. Don’t hold back good from people if it’s in your power to help them. Don’t withhold opportunities out of jealousy. (Proverbs 3:27)
  18. Stay away from people who speak negatively. (Proverbs 4:24)
  19. Rather than secretly hating someone, try to work things out with the person. (Proverbs 10:27)
  20. Don’t be lazy. (Proverbs 10:26)
  21. Make the most of every opportunity. Walk in excellence in whatever you do! (Colossians 4:5)
  22. Pray for all people. Enemies are not exceptions. (1 Timothy 2:1)
  23. Show and tell others about your spiritual progress. (1 Timothy 4:15)
  24. Care for your relatives. You can love your church family, but don’t neglect your real family in exchange. (1 Timothy 5:8)
  25. Don’t look down on children because of their age. (Matthew 18:10)
  26. Don’t bother correcting sinners. They don’t know any better. (Proverbs 9:7-8)
  27. Stop being stingy and give freely. (Proverbs 11:24)
  28. Give good advice to your friends. (Proverbs 12:26)
  29. Don’t show off your natural knowledge. Nobody likes a know-it-all. (Proverbs 12:23)
  30. Don’t believe everything you’re told. There’s wisdom in not being gullible. (Proverbs 14:15)

I encourage you to work on these 30 straightforward tips to live a more godly life. Sometimes, the most effective way to spread the Gospel is not to preach the Salvation, but to be a living witness. The less worldly we act and the more morally upright we live, the more likely it is that non-believers will be attracted to our peculiar way of living. The importance of reading the Bible, praying, and obtaining spiritual food from a home church should never be forgotten, but what’s the use of learning the Word if we keep it in our hearts rather than applying it to our own lives?


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